#DIBS (at Nolbu Mini Gastropub)

I should be getting back to Konoha…

#ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie (at Anime Conji)

β€œChoose it or lose it!” β€” #AshKetchum

#MakingGoodChoices #AshAndKouki #Pokemon #Poway #Ramona #PotatoChipRock #Hiking
(at Potato Chip Rock)

I entered Disney’s Frozen Norway Getaway for a chance to win a Frozen inspired trip for 4 to Norway!

Kakashi’s got his Sharingan on you.


Double Rainbows?
fuck that noise!
All about double corn!
I love my vendor family!
Thanks for all of my going away presents this entire weekend! Don’t worry guys I’m sure ill see you again 😘
#FREESHIT #kettlecorn #bbqcorn #corn #cornykouki #tbbt #thebigbangtheory #oktoberfest #Pen15 (La Mesa Oktoberfest)

Went to see @krewellamusic, @krewellajahan, @krewellayasmine, @candylanddjs & @seven_lions last night with Khaleesi @roxy_migliorini, her little bro @migly13, @bendelosreyes27 & @uyenbuiii

All alone, just the beat inside my soul
Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold
In the zone where the beat is un-controlled.
I know what it feels like
Come on make me feel alive (at House of Blues San Diego)

Lawls Lawls Lawls Lawls


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Yeah, she knows its a multipass!

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LET OUR POWERS COMBINE! #FreeShit #PacificSD (at Maloney’s Tavern)

Got a new 3DS & my friends didnt transfer, so Feel free to add me :)
FC: 1005-9451-1659

(at San Diego Comic-Con International 2013)

So I went to a mini reunion with my Japanese friends & their old roommates.
One of my best friends were there.
We talked for hours and hours.
Just catching up, drinking brew.
He also introduced me to people.

I’m looking at all the pictures taken that night & he’s not in any of them.

Even the group ones I could have sworn we took together.

He was suppose to go back to Japan this Thursday.

I wanted to have lunch with him or plan something for today, since he’ll be spending Tuesday & Wednesday in LA until his flight on Thursday.

I asked some people, they said he already left a long time ago.
And that he’ll be back soon in San Diego.

Now I’m either a schizophrenic
Or this is an elaborate troll from my friends.

Here are my questions:
Was he really at the party?
Or was I just fucking crazy?
What the fuck…?